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Restitution Information - Frequently Asked Questions

By: the Los Angeles County Office of Probation

What happens after I complete my Statement of Loss Form?

The Probation Department will determine the amount of restitution based on the information you provided and send you a letter with the approved restitution amount. If additional information is required to process your restitution claim the Centralized Restitution Unit will contact you.

What if I do not read or speak English and I need assistance with the Statement of Loss Form?

The Centralized Restitution Unit has staff available to help victims who do not speak or read English. The telephone numbers is (562) 940-3700 / (562) 940-2499.

The Centralized Restitution Unit has staff available to assist you. The telephone number is (562) 940-2599 / (562) 940-3701.

When will I receive money for restitution?

You will normally receive a restitution check thirty (30) to sixty (60) days after the probationer makes a payment provided all victim restitution information has been completed and returned and an account has been set up.

Is the probationer going to pay restitution in a lump sum or make monthly payments?

Usually probationers make monthly payments. The probationer receives a monthly statement indicating the monthly payment amount and the date due.

Do you think the probationer will pay restitution on the account?

The Probation Department will make every effort to collect your restitution, but cannot foresee the probationer’s future financial status.

How much money will I receive each month?

The amount you will receive is dependent on the amount paid.

How am I going to receive restitution if the probationer does not make monthly payments?

The Deputy Probation Officer supervising the probationer will make every effort to collect the Court ordered restitution, however, you should be aware that the probationer’s financial situation will impact the collection of restitution.

Will the Probation Department reimburse me for my losses?

The Probation Department acts as a collector on your behalf. Only the probationer is responsible for all restitution payments pursuant to the Court’s order.

Can the Court or the Probation Department force the probationer to make restitution payments if the probationer does not have a job or other means of repayment?

The Court has the authority to take further action based on the probationer’s financial information provided to the Court. The Deputy Probation Officer can notify the Court of the probationer’s non-compliance with the court order.

Can the minor’s parents be forced to pay if the minor is on probation?

Pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 730.7, parents may be held jointly liable with the child for payment of restitution.

How long is the probationer on probation and how do I keep the probationer on probation?

The court determines the length of probation. The Court receives Court reports from the supervising Deputy Probation Officer regarding the probationer’s progress. Please contact the supervising Deputy Probation Officer if you have information that pertains to the probationer’s progress.

What happens if probation is terminated and restitution is not paid in full?

The victim can pursue restitution in civil court.

Who do I call if the probationer harasses me?

Immediately contact the law enforcement agency in your area. Additionally, you can report the matter to the Deputy Probation Officer supervising the probationer.

Will the probationer have access to the victim’s information?

The Probation Department does not give out victim information to probationers.

What happens if a minor becomes eighteen after the Court order’s restitution?

The probationer is still responsible pursuant to the court’s order.